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kinesis activewear letterman jacket blank block manufacturers,[shirt jacket with hood]China News Service Seoul on May 27 (Reporter Liu Xu) According to the preliminary statistics of Korean New Crown vaccine vaccination■▷-◆, as of 27:00 local time The vaccination has a single highest record since the vaccination. One day▽▷◁…, the Korean State Prime Minister Jin Fuqian presided over the Conference of the Central Disaster Safety Countermeasures★◇, issued a plan to support vaccination vaccination to restore their daily lives…■▲…. According to the plan★◆, the first vaccination can be exempted from the 8 people of the family members of the family, and the outdoor space in the park will not be smashed in the park, which can be used to accumulate facilities or participate in religious activities in Jul.

Original title: Chen Jieyi Tongji University principal, exempted Zhong Zhihua Tongji University principals position Source▲…•: Peng Deqian / on the news on July 20th news, on the afternoon of the 20th, the relevant department of the Ministry of CPC Central Committee announced in Tongji University The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council decided, Chen Jieyi△•=, the principal of Tongji University (deputy ministerial level)•☆; Previously=□•, June this year, Zhong Zhihua was elected vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. According to official resume, Chen Jie•△★○, born in Fujian, Professor, Ph■■•.D. tutor, Chinese Academy of Engineering in 1965. From 1986, 1996, a Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. in Beijing Institute of Technology were divided into 2001◆○△▲. He has served as director of school automatic control department, party secretary of the School of Information Science▪△■▼, Director, Science and Technology Department, Science and Technology Resear▪●.

China News Agency★▪, March 26 (Reporter Yu Rui Dong) Canada is planning to launch the Moon in the next 5 years by planning to cooperate with NASA (NASA). The Canadian Government discloses to the media on May 26◆•, discloses new progress to the promotion of the probe project▪▷=. According to the Plan of the Canada, Canadas moon will carry at least two scientific equipment in Canada and the United States within 5 years, and log in to the moon to perform tasks for collecting moon surface images and data. At the same time, the moon car will try to experience a full-cold and dark test of a complete month night. One month is equivalent to 14 days on the earth. First step in the moon car project, Cana▼=▷★.