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[sports uniforms wholesale]Original title▼☆△-: Beer + Seafood + Shanghe Summit Putin is expected to be held in Qingdao Qingdao, China☆◁•, the 18th meeting of the Shanghai Cooperative Member State, will be held on June 9th to 10th. The Russian President Putin★□●◆, who is about to go to Qingdao to attend the meeting, said in the interview with Chang Shenxiong, which was receiving China Central Radio and Television△◁…, “I like seafood and beer◇•○, but I will try to drink less-●□. I really want to taste it, it will definitely So. “For the upcoming Shanghe Organized Qingdao Summit▽-, Putin said:” The establishment of the Shanghai Cooperation is a low-key organization◁●, which is designed to first solve the boundaries of the Republic-•○, Russia and the Soviet Union◇◁☆. But in the solution These small range problems have gradually discovered that we have a lot of common. Meaning★□, in addition to solving border problems, we join han?

China Xinwang Shenyang May 27th (Li Wei) Deputy Director=●▼, Deputy Director of the Human Resources Social Security Bureau of Shenyang, said in the press conference held in the Beijing Government Information Office on the 27th, the partys 18th National Congress, especially “thirteen During the five “period, the Shenyang Municipal Humanity System focuses on the peoples expectations□△, oversees the work of employment=◁◆, social security, personnel talents, labor relations, successfully completed the tasks of the” 13th Five-Year “period, and made breakthrough progress in multiple fields First, Shenyang City has focused on the employment of key groups such as graduates in college graduates▷□◇●, and promotes higher quality and more employment in promoting the quality and quantity of employment. Li Xia said that in recent years, the situation of employment in Shenyang has gri▷=!

Each “Naj Brout◇▷☆” on the grassland – visiting the development of the Inner Mongolia Human Rights Center, China Youth Daily, Zhongqing Net reporter entered the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region◁▷◁, visiting the development of human rights in recent years. As the first established minority autonomous region in New China, since 2016, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has coordinated the economic△…, political, social○△▽, cultural, cultural□☆=, economic, political, social, cultural, and coordinated by the Ministry of Human Rights, the right to survive, and the right to investigate the rights and development rights○…. , Environmental rights-☆-, promoting peoples comprehensive development. “Remedy Project” helps the minors involved in the universities of the right track■☆■□, the psychological counsel evaluation room, the psychological counsel room ▲•▪○… Zhongqing report · Zhongqing▼▼.com reporter visited Tongliao Ci. the t shirt factory clothing manufacturer china – camo headband create your own varsity letterman jacket cheap letterman jackets,