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[womans black quilted jacket]Original title: National Peoples Congress, Haier Group President●•: The new version of “Haier Brothers” is expected to reflect the National Peoples Congress representative, Haier Group President Zhou Yunjie China Youth Network Figure 3, the National Peoples Congress▲▪●★, Haier Group President Zhou Yunjie received China Youth Network reporter interview This year, the national two sessions he brought about the suggestion of green development of childrens online audiovisual content. In an interview, the reporter learned that the new version of =☆•”Haier Brothers▲•▪” Cartoon Season 1 is planned to produce 54 episodes▽○, and one-third of shooting is expected to meet this summer and the children. Zhou Yunjie said that he has continued to pay attention to the healthy growth of children, and “Haier Brothers○○-◇” have been the classic memories of the entire 80 generation, and the new version of the cartoon hopes to continue to play the role of childrens popularity. “Explore learning book with parents with paren•◁.

Original title☆=: The problem of ◁-▲-“the people reflected in the uniform social credit code” ◇◁▼•”The masses can not be unified social credit code”: @ 子 发布 @ 子 released on August 5th▲•■, on August 4th▽▪==, there is a media report “cant come down After the unified social credit code •▼△”•○◆, the Square District Committee◇▷◁, the District Government attaches great importance to the immediate meeting, organizing the relevant departments under the national policy to study the problems encountered by the masses. After the meeting■□, it immediately arranged the establishment of the survey team by the District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission, rapid to the relevant unit●•▼■, and conduct investigations to the relevant units, and will seriously investigate the responsibility of the relevant staff according to the results of the survey. The district committee▪○, the district government requires, deeply reflect on the issues exposed by window units●○•, requiring all units in the whole region to be warned…○•★, learn from lessons, and raise a non-three, seriously find work style, for civil service▽…●, et.

Zhongxin Net Hangzhou May 26 (Zhang Yuan) “14th Five-Year Plan”, Zhejiang Province arranged 245 major construction projects, total investment of 8.2 trillion yuan, focusing on both consumption of peoples livelihood and adjustment A new infrastructure▼▷□, new urbanization, traffic water conservancy and other major project construction. Among them, the province will accelerate the implementation of the three-year action plan for the construction of Zhejiang Province, arrange 79 new infrastructure projects★■, focusing on the construction of 5G communication networks in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Mobile ★○”14th Five-Year★□” large data center construction, etc○•. On the 26th=▪, the reporter learned from the “Zhejiang Major Construction Project” “Zhejiang Major Construction Project” (hereinafter referred to as ■△”Planning”) news ventilati…☆◆•.custom rain waterproof jackets – fitness machine brands black yoga pants wholesale custom tracksuit jacket,