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[jackets factory]Original title: The roaming fee is canceled○☆▷•, and the most beneficial is •■▲”rich people”? At the end of last month, Miss Li received the prompt text of China Mobile, informing her national traffic has been used quickly•□▼, and the local traffic given by the operator has a lot. It turned out that although Li Miss is working in Beijing all the year▷•▲, the mobile phone number has always been used by Shandong▼▷. Miss Li is very depressed◇▲: “Every month is the local traffic is not used○△•▽, and the national traffic is not enough.” Now this problem is solved ◆■☆. This year, the governments work report not only mentioned the “roaming fee” of the cancellation of the traffic, but also refers to at least 30% in the year of mobile network traffic. Zhongxin Network Cheng Chunyu Photo Source: China New Network 24 years “roaming fee★▲★-“▽△▪•, why is the ancient Internet traffic will be divided into local traffic and national gener.

Original title: The National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference Hai Xia is ▲▪•◁”Great Scene Festival”☆◆: I prefer “Womens Day…=-◁” title National Political Consultative Conference, CCTV announcer Haixia■◆△★. Photographing / Legal Evening News · View Journalist Black Source: Legal Evening News · View News (Reporter Wen Ru Jun) March 7, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference Accept the reporter interview. When asked about the “Womens Day” to “Women”, Haixia said that “Womens Day…=□•” is preferred■★•, and the Womens Day is struggling▲○△▪, △◁…☆”Goddess” is given by others. Tomorrow is the “Three Eight” International Womens Day▽▲…■, and each year, this festival is in the national two sessions•=▽, and every time this important female festival is coming☆…, womens rights protecti◇●•!

Original title: British media pay attention to China will implement infinite punishment measures: limit “Lao Lai” to the train information map△■: Disciplinary faction. Reference Message Network reported that British media said that China said that people who will begin to implement social credit systems, and prohibit people who have made illegal confidence in the aircraft or train in the last year. According to the British ☆△”Independent” website reported on March 17★◆▷=, according to the two statements released on its website on the 16th of the National Development and Reform Commission, the restricted list includes people who have intentionally spread false terrorist information and disturbing cabin order. Man smoking on the train◆▷▷◁. The statement also said that people who have lost financial informities, such as those who should pay social insurance and have the ability to pay the ability•…◁, but the responsible person who refuses to pay will also face the same restriction. The two declaration time is Marc=□.

Original title: Shaanxi implemented “Division of Division”△▼◁, the hospital did not open a week, please leave, would you please? From March 1st, ◆-☆▪”the Special Regulations on the Implementation of Womens Workers Labor Protection in Shaanxi Province” has increased the “Division of Division”◁□…. Provisions for a week, is there anyone please? In the visit, Hua Shang reporter found that many people didnt know this fake, and the hospital did not open a holiday. “Division” related regulations can apply for 1 to 2 days of vacation ◆●□”Special provisions for the implementation of womens workers in Shaanxi Province=□▽” officially implemented on March 1, providing special labor for female employees in menstruation◇△, pregnancy▼-, period, and lactation protection◆■. It is worth mentioning that Article 10 of this provision has been detailed for △•●”dysmenorrhea▲=”, and female workers do not work hard due to heavy dysmenorrhea or menstruatio.

[US Media★□: US Finance Minister will visit China to negotiate on the US Trade] According to Fox Commercial News, President Trump said that US financial citizen will negotiate in the next few days to negotiate. (Peoples Daily reporter Wu Lezhen) Related news: China-US trade friction upgrade the United States informing the WTO◇☆=○: Wishing China to punish the Chinese steel wheel products “double anti-” survey of Chinas steel mill: the import of the United States Sorghum Implementing anti-dumping measures China Attitude Development and Reform Commission: China to do different levels of different levels of trade frictions: China-US trade friction changes, Chinas development momentum is “blocked” US Ministry of Commerce Block ZTE□▲△▪: Prohibition of US companies sell it to it Device 7 yea t-shirt manufacturer ripped jean jackets yoga rings!yoga pants and leggings difference – swimsuit wholesars!