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[maroon fleece jacket]Original title-■▪: (Rule of Law) Guangdong Jiangmen: The father and son have compared the grassroots regime, and the collective assets were sentenced to Xinhua News Agency★◁◆★. The father and son and others form a evil force criminal group to make a basic regime and an invasion of the collective asset final judgment…•: dismiss the appeal, maintain the original judgment, close◁▲…, and the concern is divided into prison for 15 years and 5 years. 4 months◆◁. In the court, the court has been found. Convenient, for its local engineering construction◇☆, production and operation and other economic activitie!

China Weather Network News According to the National Early Warning Information Release Center, Beijing Shijingshan District, Mentougou District, Haidian District and Fangshan District Meteorological Observatory have released blue and yellow warning signals☆○. Shi Shan District Meteorological Observatory issued a blue warning of heavy rain at 11:20, the current rainfall of Shijingshan District has reached 30 mm, and it is expected that heavy rainfall will continue in the next three hours, please pay attention to prevention. Tengou District Meteorological Observatory issued a rainstorm blue warning at 11…▪○■:38…★•, the current Tunlevuan Temple has reached 30 mm, and it is expected that the rainfall will continue, and the shallow mountain area can reach 50mm-▷-◇. Please pay attention to prevention. Haidian District Meteorological Observatory issued a blue early warning of heavy rain at 12◇■-•:44, and the current short weather in Haidian District has reached 30 mm★○. It is expected that Haidian will have a strong end of Haidian in the next three hour.

Original title: The military transfer cadres resettlement will change? The official response said ..◁▽. Recently•▲◆◇, the network rumors of the military transfer cadres will change•▪, causing the team to pay more attention☆…◇. The person in charge of the military departments accepted a reporters interview that the plan distribution and autonomous choice is still important ways to properly resettle the militarys transfiguration▲-=★. According to the person in charge of the military departments☆◁, since the 18th National Congress of the Party, the Party Central Committee has attached great importance to the military resettlement work■…▷▪, and a series of important instructions in properly resettlement of the military transfer cadres. It is effective to promote the success of the military-transfer resettlement task. Recently◇•○, the central government issued the “Deepening Party and National Institutional Reform Plan□▲-“. The State Council has established the Department of Retired Military Affairs★=▼. The purpose is to better maintain the legitimate rights and interests of military military military★▼◇, strength.

Original title▪●▼▷: Beijing twin Qingdao Dawei Beach Informance Bath, Width Narrow Water▲△▪ custom workout tops! There are still a large number of tourists who are missing in Qingdao Beach□•◇=, the 8-year-old twin sisters have confirmed that they are unfortunate•□•…. Southern reporters learned that incident beaches are not a regular sea bathing area approved by the government●△○, but there are still a large number of tourists in this water, play. Revenue beach. On August 5, a tracing message is widely spread online. At 3 oclock in the 5th••, a pair of 8-year-old two-year-old sisters, Yan Yuanzhao, Yan Yuantong lost the beach opposite the Wanda Mansion in Qingdao Huangdao District★▪▽■, Shandong, and the two sisters were 1.2 meters high◆▪. When I lost the color swimwear•●◆, I didnt wear shoes. At 1 oclock on the 6th, the Southern Reporter received information, and local rescuers have found a childs body in the incident sea area, and initially judged the drowning○•. Unhap.

Original title: Foreign media: Chinas 128 kinds of products taxed in the United States have already felt that the painful reference news network reported that the overseas media said that China will have 128 kinds of products originally produced in the United States from April 2nd. In order to maintain the loss of interest, balance the loss of the US 232 measures to my country. According to April 1, the BBC website-▲△, California, California, California, California, California, and the wine□=▪, is waiting to be shipped to China in the warehouse◇▪△. Suddenly stopped-▲. These wine are involved in a bigger trade dispute: the United States and China have threatened each other, and China is going to impose tariffs for the value of billions of dollars in the US imported wine. At th us manufacturers clothing▼☆▽… legging wholesa – green yellow varsity jacket polyester t-shirts!!