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[lorna jane workout clothes]Zhongxin Net Kunming May 28 (Reporter Hu Yuanhang) Yunnan Provincial Public Security Department issued a news report★▽☆★: On the same day☆▽, the 105th, the old○▪□▪, the old…●=, the old, the old Mym Thai Mekong River, the law enforcement action is successfully completed, and 4 ships participated in this action Chinas law enforcement boats returned to China to China. The four countries sent five law enforcement boats□▷◇▲, 122 law enforcement officers–, 4 days 3 nights, and more than 700 kilometers▪◁•▲. The joint patrol law enforcement formation adopts the combination of the whole line and segmented water patrols, and the combination of intensive and mobile land is in combination with 62 vehicles▲-■-, 97 personnel◇…••, 28 tons of goods, and 125 anti-drug leaflets. The figure shows the 105th…△, old, old Myanme.

Original title Anqing Grand View District Government Affairs Staff front parking head must be inwarded? The Committee of the CPPCC questioned the parking in front of the Government Affairs Building in Anqing City, Anhui Province•▪▷◆, and the driver was asked to be unified in the head. In this regard, Chen Yitan, a member of the CPPCC in Anqing City, believes that this will be safe and rational, and it is recommended to implement humanized management. On March 19th, the Direct Authority of the Daxima District of Anqing City explicitly responded to the direction of the parking direction of the vehicle no longer doing hard requirements-◆. The security personnel have asked the drivers head to park●★. It is reported that with the completion of the decline in the office building of the Grand View District, the office conditions have been improved, and the increase in parking space in front of the door has also greatly improved the problem of difficulties in the people who come to do things○◆…. However, as a member of the Political Consultative Conference in the Grand View▷■, Chen Yitan learned in the investigation that the security hard sex of the Daguan District government building requires all vehicle.

Original title: The establishment of these two foreign-related sectors, the significance of March 13th□•▲◆, the 13th National Peoples Congress held the fourth plenary meeting in the Beijing Peoples Great Hall□…●, and the State Council of Councils Wang Yong to the 13th National Peoples Congress About the statement of the reform plan of the State Council (Ziyuan: Zhongxin.com) On March 13•△●○, the State Councils institutional reform plan announced, two of these new sectors have the meaning of the elasticity, one is the National International Development Cooperation▪◆◆, one is a country Immigration Authority. According to the State Councils institutional reform program submitted to the National Peoples Congress, the main responsibility of the International Development Cooperation Agency is to develop major issues□…▷, planning, policies, coordination of foreign aid and proposal▪…, proposing the reform of foreign aid programs◁★, and plan Determine the external assistance proje•-■.

Original title: The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology requested the “网” program of WiFi universal key to investigate Chinas new network on April 3, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a notification of ▪▷△”网” mobile app on the official website■□, notified that recent daily Media reports, mobile app “WiFi Universal Keys○★-” and ○▪◆”WiFi Keys” have functions to provide users with the use of others WiFi networks, suspected of invading others WiFi networks and stealing user personal information. The Network Security Administration of Industry and Information Technology attaches great importance to this high emphasis on the technical analysis of the two mobile applications▷▪★, discovering the two mobile applications with information such as information such as WiFi network passwords▪▪. At present■…○, the Network Security Administration of Industry and Information Technology has requested Shangha.

Original title■▲: Affected by the high-speed rail Xian Fei Chengdu flight sharp minus, only one flight in the high-speed rail is continuously opened every day, the road passenger transport is affected, and the civil aviation uses its own advantages to attract the source of customers. Railway, civil aviation compete for the protagonist. With the arrival of the summer and autumn, Xian Xianyang International Airport has increased flight density, and the total number of fast lines reached 20=•△, and the fare of individual international routes was less than 1▼☆,000 yuan▪☆◁. Xian Fei Chengdu flight sharply reduced the high-speed rail to the high-speed rail not only affects the Western Han passenger shuttle, but also affects flights…•. The reporter learned from a number of airlines that March 27th to 31st, Xian Fei Chengdu 1 flight▷□, two flights, but from April 1▪◇■, there is only one flight. Mr. Li-◆, the industry, said★◆-, generally 500 kilometers, high-speed rail to the impact of civil aviati?