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[custom hoodies uae]Original title○◇: Tiananmen Square, the road around the Great Hall of the People is adopting temporary traffic management measures to Beijing News (Reporter Yan Jianfei) Today (March 3) 13, the reporter learned from the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau, current Tiananmen Square, Great Hall of the People The peripheral road is taking temporary traffic management measures□-★•. The Municipal Traffic Management Bureau is about to take traffic management measures to some roads★◆▲=, and the majority of drivers should try to avoid Changan Street and its extension line, and the top three streets. The following is a section that is about to take traffic management measures: Gujiazhuang Bridge in the North Fifth Ring Road, the direction of the five yuan bridge•▪, the five rings of Jingjing Road into the Beijing direction•▪▼, the airport high-speed five-ring to the second ring into the Beijing direction△◁, North of the north section of the East Second Ring Road to the South▷▼□◁; Southeast Wuhuan Ronghua Bridge to Dabanfang Bridge Outer Ring Road◆◁, Beijing Shanghai Expressway Five Ring Road to the Third Ring Road to Beijing, East Third Ring Road Sou.

Original title: Thai Tourism Bureau: The selection and rescue operation of the ship will continue to find every missing person△★☆•, the new website●▽••, July 6th, the official Weibo account message, Thailand, South Andaman Sea, 5th At the accident, the Thai government has taken all measures to assist foreign citizens injured in the accident, and search and rescue operations will continue until each missing person is found. Thai National Tourism Bureau official Weibo account screenshot. The Thai National Tourism Bureau said that the family and friends who lost their live tourists and prayed for tourists injured in the accident, I hope they recover from the injury□▽◇▪. For those who are still missing, the Thai authorities are doing their utmost use all means to search. Thailand National Tourism Bureau said that although the flow of water is more turbule?

Original title: US MU proposes to list the Confucius Institute as “foreign agent” Hua Chunying: The gentleman is frank, and the small man is long, on March 22, the Foreign Ministry, the reporter▲◆▪•, asked: Three United States The Republican Members have proposed that they will be listed as “foreign agents●-☆=” in the US Confucius Institute, and they will feel extremely dissatisfied with the Chinese government. Can you comment on this? Hua Chunying: The US Confucius Institute is the principle of Confucius Institute■☆•, China University and local universities, based on the principles of Confucius Institute, and local universities, and local universities▽•=▲, and local universities. The purpose of Confucius Institute is to strengthen Chinas education and cultural exchange cooperation, and enhance mutual understanding and friendship between the two peoples. In fact◁☆△, we have seen that the Confucius Institute has been warm in many countrie.

Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions, China Banking Regulatory Commission, China Bank Insurance Regulatory Commission■▼○, China Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission, Beijing News (Reporter Wang Yu Chen Peng Shu Liang) Today, the 13th National Peoples Congress held the fourth plenary meeting, Listening to the statement of the State Councilor Wang Yong on the State Council Reform Plan□=●○. The State Council Institutional Reform Plan showed the investigation of the China Banking Regulatory Commission and the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, and formed the Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission as a direct institution of the State Council. The main responsibilities of the Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission are, in accordance with the unified supervision of the banking and insurance industry, safeguard the legal, stable operation•●●, prevention and resolution of financial risks, and protect financial consumers legal right! cloth face masks bulkmade in usa clothing wholesale – athtic apparel manufacturers flannel fur jacket ladies ski jacket factory,