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[tank top camouflage]Original title: Beijing concentratedly destroyed more than 60,000 boxes of unqualified drugs, 1,000 bottles of fake wine and other fake wine•▽, put the boxed fake medicine from the truck▲▼◁●, ready to destroy▪☆◇▽. The Beijing News reporter Wang Jianing took the scene of fake wine…•=, some trademarks fell▲…◆. The Beijing News reporter Wang Jianing takes staff to throw the fake goods into the destroyed pool. Beijing News reporter Wang Jianing takes the staff to destroy the fake wine in the scene◇◆☆•. Beijing News Reporter Wang Jianing takes the Beijing News News (Reporter Zuo Yan Yan Dai Xuan) ◁…☆”3 • 15☆-▪” International Consumer Rights Day is coming◁•●■. The Beijing Public Security Bureau Eating Pharmacy Brigade will also focus on the citys food and drug inspection team, and the seized counterfeit food drugs will be concentrated, including more than 60,000 boxes, and inspect unqualified drugs-…■●, and more than 1△▷=☆,000 bottles pretending. Maotai, five grai.

Original title: (Military) The new generation of the new generation of the Peoples Liberation Army, the first revised, the first Xinhua News Agency Beijing▽•▷, April 15 (Reporter Liu Jimei▼■□, Li Yun) Recently, the Chairman of the Central Military Commission Xi Jinping signed an order and released a new revised “Chinese Peoples Liberation Army Communication (Trial) •▼”” Chinese Peoples Liberation Army Disciplinary Order (Trial) “” The Chinese Peoples Liberation Army Queu (Trial) “(Trial)” (Co-Common Order). The reporter learned from the Central Military Commission Training Management Department that 8 items have been written for the first time. First, the first time I will write the union of Xi Jinping strong military thinking, through the articles, curing the basic laws of the military. In the General Order General, the original text references the party in the new era…▽, “four awareness” ●▽●▼”three maintenance” “five more attention” and “four iron” excellent troops,•◇.

Original title◇▲•■: Australian expert reviews the United States in the South China Sea “Sailing Free◇▽▷”: The strategy is lost to China [Observer Network Comprehensive Report] March 23, the US Navy destroyer •…•”Masstin DDG 89) The South China Sea has entered the 12th nautical miles of Nansha Meiji Reef with ▽●”Sailing Free”. Immediately, the China Navy Staff will release the news and the Navy will hold a practical drill in the South China Sea. On the 27th●●▽, ▲▼■”dozens of” Navy warships “appeared in the waters of Hainan Island in the South China Sea. This series of action has naturally triggered the attention of experts from the United States. At the Symposium in the US Atlantic Council, an Australian expert uses a “malicious full” ratio, saying •□…•”Masstin” is like “there is no criminal scene, no interventi.

Original title•▼: China Southern Hunting Third-party platform value machine service, said unauthorized license has a risk source: Chinas voice According to Chinas voice news◇▼☆, recently (April 22), a civil aviation travel service software ” Available, the publication of the announcement, the navigation mobile phone value function has been launched. At the same time, in the “online selection” service of travel travel software such as Ctrip and Flying Pig, there is no “China Southern Airline” option. Prior to this○▲☆, China Southern Airlines issued a notice that some websites that have been issued have not obtained the Southern Airlines license, and mobile applications are stopped to apply for Southern Airlines passengers, and the value machine business▲△▲▼, and said that passengers are handled in a non-authorized network platform□☆. China Southern Airlines, value machine business▲•▪●, security and service risk…▼▽●. Why can third-party platforms provide a value-for-aircraft service□◆•★? Unpredictab▷□★…!

Original title: Ministry of Education: The result of the winning result of primary and secondary school competitions shall not be used as an enrollment. According to Xinyang News (Reporter Wang Jun) Today (March 21) The Ministry of Education issued the “Announcement” pointed out that the competition for the field of basic education is named. The results of the activities such as commendation can only be considered honors□▲◇, and they may be based on the enrollment of primary and secondary schools. Education administrative departments at all levels and schools must not recognize the results or results of such activities carried out. In addition, activities such as all kinds of competition, listing, naming, and commendation without the approval of the Ministry of Education, are not allowed to stroke “nationwide”. This full name is ◆▷□”Announcement on Regulating the Organization of Commissioning of Competition for Facing Basic Education” (referred to as □◇”announcement”) proposed that approves activities for all kinds of competitions◆★◇, listing◁…, naming and commendation for basic education, should A. compression clothing women custom varsity jackets near me rain waterproof jackets custom polyester t shirts wholesale,