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[jamaican bathing suit cover up]Original title◇▪◇: The peoples heart required by the times – the popular discussion of the Hong Kong and Macau Depies△▪, the General Peoples Republic of China, through the Constitutional Amendment, the reporter Zhang Qingbo “Peoples Daily Overseas Edition” (March 13, 2018) “Peoples Republic of China Constitution The amendment was passed by the 13th National Peoples Congress◁•▪▼. Witnessing this historical moment▪▼▲◆, the Hong Kong and Macao representative members agreed that the vote passed the constitutional amendment to further consolidate the new era to persist and develop the socialist system in China, promote the modernization of national governance system and governance capacity, and to achieve ☆★=□”two hundred The year of struggle and Chinese dreams of the Chinese nation have provided powerful guarantees, to adhere to the “one country, two systems”, ensuring that Hong Kong and Macaos long-term prosperity is extraordinary…◁•□, and the impact is far-reaching. =▲•”th!

China Xinwang, May 27th (Guo Qi), in April 2018•◁, in April 2018, the Hangzhou Court talked more than 800 pieces of telecommunications network fraud cases△=, sentenced more than 2,200 criminals▲☆, and sentenced to 2 sentences in prison, sentenced to more than ten years More than 200 people were sentenced to 25% of criminals who were sentenced to life imprisonment to life imprisonment, and sentenced to 150 million yuan○□▷. At the Hangzhou Intermediate Peoples Court held on the Justice of Telecom Network Fraud Criminal Press Conference, Chen Guoliang, a full-time committee of the Hangzhou Intermediate Council Trial Committee-◁, introduced the above news. There are many techniques for telecommunications network fraud, new tricks, and there are more than 10 species of fraud◇○▼-. Electricity hears in Hangzhou Cou.

China Air Force spokesperson released news on March 25th, China Air Force recently aroused – 6k, Su-30 and other multi-fashion machine flying over the Palace Ancient Strait=◇■, Cheng Xi Pacific▽▪, in the West Pacific★▼•□, carrying out practical military training=◁; At the same time, organize -6K☆★, Su-35 and other multi-model fighters to fly to the South China Sea, implement joint battle cruise◇•. This is a pragmatic action of the Air Force to fulfill the mission of the new era and enhance the ability to win the new era☆■▽□. The Air Force Pilot, the front island chain, and the air force pilot in the South China Sea, remembering the strategic requirements of “how to fight■•△, the soldiers◆○◆”, close to the mission mission to strengthen the actual military training. Multi-fashioned fighters flying over the Palace Treasure of the Pacific, inspected the operation of the Yuanhai system, in line with relevant international law and international practice. Organize multi-type fighters South China Sea joint battle cruise, comb custom shirt manufacturers baby clothing manufacturer – build your own jacket, purple yoga strap wholesale blank varsity jackets!

Source: Meteorological Beijing [Publishing a big wind blue warning signal] City Meteorological Observatory issued a large-wind blue warning signal on May 28, 2018, is expected that the city will have 45th-level northern wind in the day on the 28th▲▪. Around, accompanied by Sand, please pay attention to prevention. [Publishing dust blue warning signal] City Meteorological Observatory May 28, 2018 05△=…:00 Publishing dust blue warning signal-▲•, affected by the upstream dust weather, 28th, the city will have floating and thriving weather, please Pay attention to prevention. Editor in charge▲◇: Huo □◆?

China New Network May 27th, the emergency management website, on May 22, after the 7.4 earthquake in Mado County, Qinghai Province, the Emergency Management Department quickly launched a second-level emergency response…△▲, the State Council The Deputy Commander of the Earthquake Disaster Relief●◁, Huang Ming, Minister of Emergency Management, continued to regulate the deployment of earthquake rescue disaster relief work, and dispatched the national comprehensive fire rescue team to carry out rescue and rescue, and sent a working group overnight to the disaster area to help local earthquake relief▽•☆. Data Map: In the early morning of May 22, a 7◇▼…-.4-magnitude earthquake occurred in Madotian County▲☆●□, Qibang Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. The picture shows the 67 houses in the Changma River, collapsed after the earthquake. China News Service Reporter Li W.