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Original title: This position, Xiongan New District recruits 650 people (also give housing subsidies) Recently, Hebei Xiong County released an announcement of 650 Chinese primary schools (kindergartens) teachers=▪. This is a large-scale recruitment activity in the area of ​​Xiongan New Area◁☆▲▪. The Xiong County Education Bureau announced that this concentrated recruitment is to supplement the lance of primary and secondary schools (kindergartens)▽○, optimize the structure of teachers, improve the overall quality of teachers, and comprehensively improve the quality of education, according to “Xiong County” millennium, education first “Three-year improvement plan (2018-2020)” is required. Primary and secondary school teachers recruited 580, 3 years must not flow into 650 teachers in Xiong County. One of ordinary high schools○■□, 30 vocational education centers, 350 junior high schoo▷▽●•?

Original title•◆: Agricultural rural department issued African swine fever II epidemic situation Warning This website released on August 3 Human population◆▪…=. On August 1st, the live pigs of a farmers in Shenbei New District☆▪●, Shenyang, Liaoning Province were suspected of African swine fever epidemic, stocking 383★★◁, 47 onset, 47 deaths. After receiving the report, I immediately guided the local prevention measures and sampling the detection. On August 3, he was diagnosed by China Animal Health and Epidemiology Center (National Foreign Animal Disease Research Center)△◁, which was an African swine fever. After the epidemic◆□, our department launched a Level II emergency response in accordance with the “African Pig Feed Epidemic Emergency Plan”. Start emergency response machine according to the requiremen.