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[high end jean jackets]Xinhua News Agency, Geneva May 26 (Reporter Lingxin) The Swiss Federal Government announced on the 26th that refused to sign the bilateral framework agreement with the EU and stopped negotiation with the European Union on this agreement-▼▼=. This indicates that Rui Ou seven years of negotiation declaration of the agreement for seven years. The Swiss government said in the publication that the Swiss Federal Committee has a comprehensive assessment of the results of the framework agreement◁■▷, and believes that Ruios two sides still have “great difference” on the key issues of the agreement, and the conditions for signing the agreement cannot be met. The Swiss government said that both parties can continue to use existing methods involving more than 100 bilateral agreements■◆. At the same time, Rui Fang recommends launching political dialogue with the EU to jointly determine the future bilateral cooperatio.

Xinhua News Agency San Francisco May 26th (Reporter Wu Xiaoling) A shooting incident in the northern city of Northern California, 26th=▷•, causing multiple deaths=▲▼. San Clara County police in San Jose said that shooting incidents occur at 6:30 local time, location is located in a light rail facility in San Clara Valley Transportation Administration in San Jose. The shooting caused multiple deaths and injuries▪▪▷-, and a male gunman has confirmed death○◁▼. At present, the case site has been blocked and the police are carrying out investigations•…•. According to local media reports☆★•, the dead and wounded includes a number of staff of the light railway vendor. [Edit-◁=: 立.

Original title-△▼◆: Hebei Spring Festival corrects the four-wind transcript•□★: 368 questions, dealing with 449 people before and after the Spring Festival□▲, the discipline inspection and monitoring organs at all levels in Hebei Province have conducted in-depth development of “four winds” work, and the examination discovery violations of the central provisions of the central provision and “four■•” The wind “problem clues, 788, investigated 368 questions, deal with 449 people, and gave 409 parties to party discipline, add 245 pieces, 148 pieces, 163, 196▪▽▷, respectively. On February 2▽▷☆●, the Hebei Provincial Supervision Committee was officially listed. On February 14th, the county supervision committee all listed. The discipline inspection and supervision organs at Hebei Province took the opportunity to supervise the system reform□▷=, tightened the Spring Festival nodes in-depth supervision and inspection, and transformed the system advantage into governance performance=■. ▷○”All Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office give full play to cadres and inspections of the original discipline committ•▲◁◇.

Original title: China has signed the first “Belt” cooperation document “Office▪△○◁” Office =◇▪”Public No●▪▪=. (XWS4_FMPRC) message in Tonglei Region, China, on May 16, said that there is a reporter asked★=○: Yesterday Tong Trinidad and Tobago signed the ○★◆◁”Memorandum of Understanding of the Construction of Silk Road Economic Belt and the Construction of Sea Silk Road in the 21st Century▷●▼★”. Is this not the first •◇…”all way” cooperation document signed by China with the Krabi regional country? Lu Hong•▽: You are right. China and Trinidad and Tobago governments have signed a total of =☆”One Belt” cooperation documents yesterday, which is the first intergovernmental joint ■▷▷”, all the way” cooperation documents signed by China and Caribbean countries▷◆•. China is willing to initiate “all the way” to initiative to develop strate.union made clothing – bulk sweats.