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[affordable men”s athleisure]Original title△○: 230 days of wind and rain, the naval twenty-seventh batch of escort formation, the name of the 27th approved navigation team, the picture from the =•▽◆”Contemporary Navy-☆” WeChat public number March 18th, the missile destroy ship Haikou ship☆▼☆, missile frigate Yueyang ship and comprehensive replenishment ship Qinghai Lake ship composed of China Navy, successfully returned to Sanyas military port dock after successfully completing the task of Naval Bay, Somali Sea Navigation, Visiting North Africa and Guinea Bay Mobile Cruise▽…◁=. The 27th batch of navigation formation of the main transcripts△●: 27th escort formation escorted action lasted 230 days▼■-, the accumulated voyage 124962 Hairi, successfully completed 36 batch of 54 Chinese and foreign ship escort mission, rescued 5 ships that were pursued by pirates, found And drive from 13 batch of 42 suspected pirat…-△★.

Original title: Is there any sincerity in Chengdu property market regulation? How to pretend to live in Chengdu. After a week▷•▷◆, Chengdu was issued a week, the property market regulation and coding policy was introduced. “Put the purchase list from natural persons to the family=○, improve the residents purchase threshold•=-△.” Objectively, this is still from the side of the suppression, I hope to realize the supply and demand balance of the real estate market. Since the end of 2016◆…, the idea of ​​regulating the Chengdu property market has been considering. From limited restriction, lending, limited sales, limit★☆•, limited, and then to the shake number, the regulation tool has gone, basically all. However, the market did not seem to be calm, the NGD announced on May 16▼■, in April, 15 hotspots in the 15 hotspots, the price of Chengdu new commercial residential price is ranked first-★▷, 1.1%. China New Community is straight throu○▽★.

Original title: Compose the new chapter of the Chaozhong Friendship, this newspaper, Pingyang, March 30 (Reporter…▼•■, Kiiyin), 30th▽=, North Korea “Labor News” in the headlines of the headlines, the long-term editorial “written in the new chapter of China Friendship In terms of sexual visit, Comrade Koreas highest leaders Jin Jongens informal visit to China is a historic visit, which has established a new milestone for the development of friendly relations to China. In the editorial▽●▲, this diplomatic activity once again proved the importance of Chaozhong Friendship and promoted the new and higher stages of adapting to the new era•□◇. In the editorial, under the leadership of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese people actively promote the construction of the new era of socialism with the modernization of socialism with the new era, and achieved brilliant achievements▽□. The Korean people regard this as their own thin.